How to overclock my video card???

Hi, I have a Gigabyte ATI Radeon 4670 1gb 128 bit card. How do you even start overclocking the card? In bios or in ATI's program? thanks
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  1. I would use Catalyst Control Center (ATi's program), i know I'm going to get crap for saying that but its a great way to start. Make sure you have Pro? mode on, or i think its actually called Advanced. Anyways fire up CCC and in the graphics section go to ATi Overdrive. You should see a couple sliders one for the core and one for memory, I would slowly move the sliders up until you either get the performance you were looking for, or games are unstable. Heres a link if you need more help
  2. Yeah, I have used it before but didn't overclock the card. I do have it on Advanced. So basically just go up til it fails it's tests?
    Here's my card:
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    Yep you kinda got it right. I would check out FurMark as a temp stability program Or you could just run a GPU intensive game, i stability tested my 5770 with GTA IV. But just OC slowly and take your time, the last thing you want to do (even thought it might seem tempting) is jam those sliders to the right and fire up a game. And i would make sure your GPU temps don't go above 85C at load, above that and you will probably start to see artifacts on your screen in games. Also how do you like your X3 740? I am planning on getting one soon. The biggest jump you want to make is probably 20hz after that go slowly on both the core and memory.
  4. It's awesome! I couldn't unlock the 4th core on mine, but i just got a "bad" one I guess. But on the flip side im running stable @ 3.8GHZ on air! Whew! smokin' for 89 bucks. I don't have the M4A77TD board anymore though, M4A89TD PRO/USB3
  5. Oh thats cool then, yea someone on another thread bought one and was able to unlock it with the same chip set i have the 870. What temps do you get on you 740?. How far have you got with your graphics card?
  6. haven't had time to oc the video card yet. I get like 58c running linx for a couple hours. I have a Zalman 9700 and used Zero-Therm thermal paste.
  7. 58C idling? Thats a bit high for a CPU. It seems like you have a good cooler though.
  8. No, 58C running LinX. its kinda like prime 95.
  9. It's a cool little program
  10. Oh, thats not bad at all than. I know I'm not a moderator but away not to double "bump" your post would be to edit your first comment "No, 58C running LinX. its kinda like prime 95." and add your second. Don't wanna really call you out on anything but every thread has got to have its turn at the top.
  11. Yeah, accident :o
  12. Its cool.
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