How to update bios on Striker II NSE

When I boot up my striker II, it says it doesn't detect my CPU and after another screen it says no drives detected. but I can boot up windows, and run everything else just fine.

I think I may have to update the bios because that's what the guy who sold the board to me said, but that updater is next to worthless because it takes literally forever to find the updates

is there another way?
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  1. The "no drives detected" probably means that no IDE disks were detected and it isn't an issue. Download the BIOS to a USB flash disk and update it via EZ Flash.
  2. the guys I bought it from tried to update from a flashdisk but it couldn't update, they said I need to use the internet, plus on asus's website, they said if your bios is pre 0403, don't use EZ flash
  3. You could download the Phoenix Award BIOS flash tool (AWDFLASH) to update the BIOS.
    download the manual chapter 4 download the correct bios and save your original bios to usb flash drive first then flash the new bios
    Version E3746
    Description Striker II Extreme/Striker II NSE user’s manual(English)
    File Size 5.17 (MBytes) 2008/06/20 update
    Download from
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