XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Ed. Extreme Temperature Issue

hi guys, its my first post in tom's hardware forums. guys i m facing a temperature issue with my XFX 800GT ADE Extreme card. its 512MB version and model is "PV-T88P-YDE4". i am using EVGA Precision to set up the Fan speed of card to 100%. the card's temperature stays @ 58C idle, and usually go upto 75C while playing intensive games like Crysis on highest settings. are these temperatures are nominal. as in past i have used XFX 8800GT Alpha dog edition 256MB version. that card was quit and cool one.

i need to know how to lower the temperatures of that card. although card is not showing any anamolies or texture corruptions or any sort of issue. is there any bios upgrade can fix that temperature issue.
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  1. Yes its normal for a 9800GT, those temps are a bit high tho if you raised the fan 100% just to get them. Have you tried cleaning out the dust from the fans? Also try looking at aftermarket coolers if your interest.
  2. @ Axeon : bro m not talking about 9800GT. what i have is 8800GT. the card is in mint condition, i dont think that any dirt is blocking the air flow in card. where can i find aftermarket coolers for my card.
  3. FYI 8800GT=9800GT, it is the exact same card.

    Yes, your temps are pretty normal for this card, especially being an overclocked edition.
    Luckily, GPU's are designed to take quite a bit of heat.
    Until you are hitting 90°C+, I would not worry to much about it.

    If you really want to lower the temps, look into an aftermarket GPU cooler.
    Something like the Artic Cooling Accellero, Thermaltake CL-G0102 or Zalman VF1000 will work great for you.
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