Overclocking my system

I have an Intel i7 960 quad core 3.2GHz processor

I also have Gigabyte X58A-UD7 3 way crossfire & SLI DDR3 2200 motherboard.

I want to overclock it more, right now it's saying the core speed is 1619.2 MHz which is underpowered.

I was wondering how high should I go? I read that some people took their's to 4GHz, but I don't want to ruin my computer.
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  1. It is extremely unlikely that you will damage your computer by over clocking unless you:

    a: Pull more power than your PSU can provide; and your PSU does not have the necessary protection circuitry
    b:Disable the thermal shutdown in the bios
    c:Up your voltages to a ridiculous number.

    Your CPU may under clock itself to save power. I think Intel calls this Speed-step. Try testing it under load, or disable this in the BIOS while testing. This should give you a speed of 3.2Ghz, also, download cpu-z and use those readings.

    For a first over clock, I would not change any voltages, just use whatever sticky I am sure someone will reference you to at stock voltage. That should give you considerable improvement.

    The cooler you keep your CPU, the more you can overclock it, so you should replace your stock cooling solution if you havn't already.

    Post your PSU and your cooling solution (stock fan, heatsink or whatever it is) and people should be able to give you a general target, though it really is luck of the draw with what chip you got.
  2. I have liquid cooling, and I have a thermal changer on the outside of my tower, I can change the temp inside.

    Thank you for your response, I do have cpu z I used it to come up with those numbers.
  3. intel i7 960 very fast, strong by default ! if u want set Clockspeed & RAM until maximal under 70*C don't over,
    over 70* full load when tested.
    see other Temp for healthy :
    CPU 70 C max
    Mobo : 80~128C max
    HDD :50C max
  4. Thank you for posting the temperatures, I wasn't sure what they should be at maximum.
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