620watt, 260gtx - Is it enough?


I have http://www.vantectw.com/front/product/view_detail/388

But just want to know is that enough to power a 260gtx.


Could you please explain to me:
What connections are what rails? Molex 12v etc.

according to my psu, 12v1 and 12v2 are 22A each. What's the difference between v1 and v2 (Just naming?)?
How do i find out how much amps / watts a 260gtx will need :D
Are the PCI-E (6pin) 12v?

Thanks for any answers, appreciated.

BTW: Never had problems with Vantec, It works perfectly fine with my 8800gts
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  1. Yes. It will be more than enough.
    Does your PSU have 2 pci-e connectors?
  2. Yes it's sli compatible.
    I linked it, but can you please supply information to the questions.


    1 x 20+4 Pin Connector
    4 x SATA Connectors
    1 x 4+4 Pin ATX12V Connector
    1 x 6 Pin PCI-E Connector
    1 x 6+2 Pin PCI-E Connector
    6 x 4 Pin Peripheral Connectors
    2 x 4 Pin Floppy Connectors
  3. You are fine. I don't know much about Vantec's psu but from the infos that I've read from your link, you shouldn't be worried.
  4. Thanks for replies and all,

    But i would also like the questions answered :D

    Not worried at all, just want to 100% make sure and all :P

    But me personally, never ever had problems with vantec at all, they seem pretty good quality (Obviously not the best) but it's still pretty good :D


    Googled, does the 12v1, v2 mean that they are split? so if you combine em both it equals 44amps? is this why gtx260 has 2x 6pins? so add the amps?
  5. i've tried to do alot of research on how the psu works... even before i asked, and i still cannot understand amps and 12v1 v2 v3 etc.

    Hence why i came here, otherwise i'd answer it myself
  6. Have a read through this site, it may help.
  7. I dont really want to read that :|
    Seems a bit off topic

    But i did find a bit more information: the splitting (So it's called) is yeah... you add together 22+22 = 44amps.

    And it seems that the 6 pins are 12v.
  8. zomgheals said:

    you add together 22+22 = 44amps.

    Very rarely.
    You need to know the total power available to the rail in order to determine it's output.
    Read the label, just in case it doesn't tell you, it's 444 watts on the 12v ( 37 amps )
  9. zomgheals said:
    I dont really want to read that.

    I wish you good luck with your query's.
  10. Max Combined:
    160W 444W 18.5W

    How do you know that the 12v is 444?
    5v = 160 and 3.3v is 18.5?

    Ordering it from highest voltage to lowest via the watts?
  11. zomgheals said:

    I have http://www.vantectw.com/front/product/view_detail/388

    But just want to know is that enough to power a 260gtx.

    Let me answer with a quote from a similar thread I read in Graphic&Displays yesterday:

    You might not get the card's full potential, but chances are it'll run.


    Brilliant :D
  12. got one today,

    runs perfectly fine :D
  13. 22+22=44 no...

    v1 and v2 ect. that is to show the different rails, each 12V rail is capable of delivering 22A, unfortunately they do not "stack", meaning the maximum Amps that you will be able to sustain is 22A.

    Now each rail has a common input, but are basicly the same circuit made in parallel, so that means that you effectively increase lifetime by reducing load on one circuit by spreading it over 2 or more, it is also more cost affective to create 2 or more Lower Amp rails opposed to one Hi Amp rail.

    22A is actualy not bad at all. :)

    just a basic example

    ___v1--12V convertion circuit---12V output
    220/110V-input-------v2--12V convertion circuit----12V output
    \___v3--12V convertion circuit----12V output
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