Event ID 5 Source nvstor64 parity error

Woke up a couple days ago and all of my programs were gone, along with music, pictures, documents, etc. Weird thing is all of my folders are intact, but they are all empty.

Checked my event viwer and I see these errors:

A parity error was dectected on \Device\RaidPort1.

Source: nvstor64
Event ID: 5
Level: Error

Any one have any ideas? Weird that the entire file structure is intact yet all the files are missing.
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  1. nvstor64 is the nvidia storage driver for your chipset, I have never heard of the structure being intact but the files missing.
  2. Me either. Another thing I found strange is that files in the root (not in folders) were intact as well. I am trying to use Raid recovery software but keep running into errors. Tell me that there was a READ FAILURE on the SATA port.

    Any suggestions at all?
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