Suggestions needed for "assembling" a desktop on a tight budget.


I am planning to buy a rather budget pc than a gaming PC. I was doing well this old AMD athlon XP (2600+ ) processor with AOpen MK77MII motherboard based pc. Now its failing in general (something is wrong on the board/processor and i get BSOD's too often,) and i cannot get a replacement :( .

so basically my IDE (Pata) 320 GB harddrive, Nvidia FX5200 256 MB GPU (AGP 4x), and 2x512 MB of DDR Ram are useless as no board supports them now.

I require a new motherboard + CPU combo (within Euro 100 or less ) THe board should just be stable and not have reliability issues. I have no plans for overclocking the processor. a 2.2 Dual core from AMD would do just fine. I don't game either.

+ 2Gigs of Ram or maybe can do with just 1Gig (no need for more as ill be using XP SP2 only and with a Linux Fedora/ Ubuntu along.)

+ a 500/320 gig harddrive

+ a 256MB PCI-e graphics card (don’t like onboard graphics)

+a decent powersupply IF possible.

Already have the Monitor (17" TFT), Case, Keyboard & Mouse, Speakers (creative 5.1), Creative Live 24bit sound card (PCI) and DVD drives from the older PC. All these stuff are work very well still.

Ill be asking my cousin in germany (in Hannover) to buy the stuff and get them over to India. I don't know what boards / processors are available there for my kind of budget, but at least the prices are lower than it is here.

I can’t find any good boards and stuff here is mostly outdated for my kind of budget :( its like robbery. You still have to pay like 50 euros equivalent in INR for a 320 GB Sata (not sata II )harddrive, while my cousin for a 500Gb harddrive for that kinda money in early 2009, for example.

Total budget for this cannot cross more than 250 Euros :( I dont have any gaming needs and its mostly used for programming, photoshop, and listening to songs and videos.

Reliability is the top priority. I dont have much need for processing really. I occasionally work in Photoshop CS2 which works very well on the current pc. But I do heavy downloading for which the pc remains on for many hours in a day. The current pc I am on has served well since 2003 :P

Also hopefully Ubuntu or Fedora will install without issues on this system. I have to work on Linux from time to time.

Any help on this will be appreciated :)

Thank you,
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  1. May I suggest you post this on the New Homebuilt System section of this forum? That's where you post detailed calls for help, for people to suggest parts for you. I suggest you also list parts that you think work well for you, to increase the chance that someone will help you out. :)
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