Sata hdd not recognized

My SATA WD10EALs Western Digital Hard Disk Drive is not recognized.
I can see it on BIOS, it says it is enabled but I can't see it in windows explorer.
I connected all the cables and run a scan in BIOS and everything seems to be fine. When I launch windows 7 I can't see it anywhere!
I have Windows 7.
Do you have any idea what's going on?
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  1. If you right click My Computer, click Manage, and go to the Disk Management utility, does it display there?
  2. ...and, assuming you do see it in the LOWER portion of the right pane in Disk Management, if it doesn't show a drive letter then you need to right-click it, create a volume and format it. Once you do that it'll pick up the next available drive letter and be visible in Windows Explorer.
  3. and , do you have another hdd on your pc?
  4. Yes, I do have another HDD on my PC.
  5. Thanks!!!! Pyroflea and sminlal!

    I have followed your instructions and the problem is solved!!!!

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