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I am planning on getting a 60gb ssd and it seems like these are the ones to choose from because they have the highest write/read speeds for the 60gb category:
ssd 1
ssd 2
ssd 3
ssd 4
ssd 5
ssd 6

I plan to use one of these ssd's in my new gaming rig and I would store the os and around 3 games on it.
It seems like they are all the same, could someone explain to me why one of these might perform better than the other?(if all were same price)
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  1. Read/Write speeds are not the only performance factor, infact they aren't even the most important in some cases. Access times IMO are far important for general use. Let me also mention that besides having a load up time of a few seconds faster and loading maps/levels a few seconds faster, an SSD will bring you no benefit whatsoever....so before you have at it, just make sure its what you want if gaming is your primary concern.
  2. Quote:
    OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series SATA II

    any reason why that is better than the gskill one I listed?
  3. ^ Yeah, pretty much. I too would get the Vertex 2.
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