NEW Game-PC around 600 - 800 euro ?


Do I need upgrade or a new machine???

Thank you

My old sistem :

E6600 2.4Ghz(3,1)

Desktop Board D975XBX

2x1 Gigs 800Mhz CL5 Samsung Original

8800 GT 512Mb

PSU Enermax 500 Watt


Monitor SAMSUNG 24
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  1. I`d get another 2 Gb of RAM and a 1Gb HD4870 or a GTX260 216. This will easily last until the DX11 hardware and Windows 7 have had most of the bugs fixed, sometime around this time next year.
    FYI check my sig, I will not be building new until next year either and for the same reasons.
  2. Thank you
  3. I always thought you should upgrade only when you can't play the games you want at the settings you want. Unless you have a problem, don't upgrade.

    Tom's just did a review on more RAM, and found that more than 3Gb was almost useless, but RAM is so cheap, adding another 2 isn't going to hurt at all.

    I'd wait on changing the graphics card, though, no good reason to upgrade right now, unless of course you have a game (or games) you can't play to your standards.
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