Time to upgrade from q6600 and nforce? halp!

howdy, i have two year oldish system thats done me well when i'm home (3-4 days a week) which is where i do most my gaming, on the road i have a decent asus g50 notebook i use. i'm looking to update my PC since its about on par with my laptop and i do spend most my time gaming at home, but not all. System specs are as follows:

One thing to note, i dont want to spend a ton on new cards since DX 11 is out soon, but total war and some of my other games are running porky now, and heck ARMA2 is out soon.

8800GTS 640MB
EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i

I'd like to move to a crossfire 4770 set up since its so cheap, but since i have a SLI board i can not go that route, id have to buy a high end nvidia card or get a new mobo/cards. So i'm wondering if i should build out a entirely new system with an I7 + dual ATI cards, or should i keep q6600 and buy a nvidiacard or what?

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  1. i7 will last longer so go with that.

    good luck finding two 4770's.
  2. are they that hard to find? Also, looking to save money obviously.... anyone else have any input?
  3. well $120 each for the one make which is available and at current 4890 prices, the $40 extra doesn't warrant the small performance increase.
  4. I would overclock your cpu and purchase a new video card, and wait until the i5s are released before a major upgrade.
  5. Q6600 is a good cpu, just overclock it to 3.2-3.6GHZ and you will be fine. 8800GTS 640 on other hand is not very good but it should get you going until DX11 cards are released if you are not playing at high resolutions. If You PC is on par with laptop then problem is not in hardware but setup/virus malware/drivers ect.
  6. Yea, resist the urge and buy a single DX11 ATI card in October or if you can stand it nvida should have cards by Christmas (according to the rumor mill anyhow)

    Your Q6600 is still fine, OC if you arn't already.
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