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I just finished some Prime95 on an i5-750 on a GA-P55-USB3 rev 2 F8 board. I havent made any manual OC i just wanted to test the turbo mode and i want your help to see if i got it. I started the test using 4 workers (4 core stress) and the multiplier was 133x20 resulting the default speed of 2,66. after that i switched off one worker at a time and when 3 cores where used the multiplier was 133x21, then the second core off and the multiplier jumped to 133x24 resulting to a final OC of 3.2ghz.
Now through all these tests max temps were 68-69 C. Do this mean i dont have to change anything on the bios and i am all set to use the OC provided by the structure of the cpu? i am a mild overclocker and i will be happy if the cpu did that for me.
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  1. When you mean by 'worker' do you mean core on the individual die? If so, I would say that is not a good OC practice. If you can increase you Multi in the BIOS without compromising Core usage, I would say increase voltage to 1.35 and activate all core, Turbo, and increase the FSB to 173

    173(20)= 3160

    It would be a basic OC.

    Also, try to monitor your TD levels. You are entering the Danger Zone there.
  2. That sounds like Turbo mode is working fine for you. If you don't need any more speed, then you can just leave everything alone.
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