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I've currently been using Comcast cable internet, but recently Qwest has rolled out fiber optics in my area. Comcast offers 20 Mbps downstream for $19.99 introductory then $45 after 6 months, whereas Qwest only offers 20 Mbps upstream fiber optics for $49.99. I have a roommate that shares the internet with me and we both use it for high traffic activites such as downloads and online gaming. My question is: Which would be best for me, fiber optics or cable? I am looking for an option that provides the best quality connection that won't drop off during peak hours of the day (if possible), as cable does. I don't know too much about fiber optic networking versus cable networking so I was hoping some one could point out the pros and cons of having either.
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  1. The medium has "nothing" to do in performance, if cable "suck" in your neighborhood it's only because the provider is a cheap-ass that doesn't want to invest in it's infrastructure. So in the end, the only way to choose would be to ask people that live around you what their experience is/was with each because technology has little to do with quality.
  2. Personally, I would go with Qwest. I use Qwest DSL and I'm not aware of any bandwidth throttling. Also, the way Fiber works is not a networked neighborhood like Cable is. So, instead of hitting the mid afternoon bog down, you should be stable through out the day with fiber/dsl.
  3. is cable to fiber optics like night and day? Is the extra mbps with the package worth it?
  4. Fiber optics is the best way to go. It's basically the newest and fastest technology. Cable internet can only travel at the speed of sound, while fiber optics travels at the speed of light. This means much less latency than cable, DSL, and especially satellite internet. Fiber optics is ideal for gaming because the signal is consistent throughout the day. No matter how many people in your area on, the speed does not change. The main drawbacks to fiber optics is that the installation costs considerably more than other internet options and it's also easier to damage. Animals frequently chew on the cable because it sharpens their teeth. With that said, I have yet to experience an outage or issues. I use fiber optics to work from home for Apple and I'm also a photographer/videographer. I'm constantly uploading and downloading huge files so something fast and reliable is a must. Fiber optics is fast, secure, and most of all consistent. If they have it in your area, go for it and it will be the best decision that you've ever made regarding your internet.
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