Best monitors for graphic design?

What monitor would you recommend to use with a Mac laptop for graphic design?
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  1. You should check out Dell's LCDs if you want to save money. Personally, I'm happy with my HP 2208wh, but it needed some calibrating to get the colors right.
  2. Depends on how far you want to go dell's are fair, samsungs are better thats for normal budgets.

    Midd grade is something like this

    and then you get into the true high end hitting many thousands
  3. Are we talking professional graphic design where color accuracy is essential or a student learning graphic design in college/university?
  4. Was suddenly thinking: do CRTs still provide the best colors? Or have LCDs finally caught up?
  5. The benefits of an LCD, especially at larger sizes, far outweigh any accuracy provided by CRT's. Depending on your budget and needs you can definitely find a suitable LCD. Professional LCD's are basically as accurate as anybody needs and even mid range LCD's are more than adequate for most graphic design work.

    And no, LCD's haven't really caught up to reference quality CRT's.
  6. whats your price range? what size monitor are you looking for?
  7. I was thinking that if sophie10g's budget is low, she can just get a decent LCD and spend around $80 to get a Spyder for calibration: Much more affordable IMO.
  8. Good to see this blog. Suggestion need too!!!
    Should I get 2 /20" monitors or one 24" for grahic/ web/ vedio work?

    Any suggestion for which one to buy? how about Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP? Samaung is better than Dell?
  9. sophie10g said:
    What monitor would you recommend to use with a Mac laptop for graphic design?

    I'd get the 30" Apple Cinema display. Or the new Apple 24" Cinema.

    (sigh) I'm not 'cool' enough to get an apple, so I got a Dell 2405fpw for half the price, with built in color calibration.
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