CPU Overclocking failure symptoms

As far as i know, when CPU overclocking fails, the manifestation is 1) can

not boot up 2) can not enter OS by rebooting or stuck 3) bluescreen 4)

just turned off while running an application.

what are the other symptoms not described above?

i want to know the possible symptoms so that i can see if CPU overclocking

is safe enough or not. also, just my curiosity :)

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  1. As far as i know. those are the only obvious symptoms.

    Overclocking is fairly safe as long as you make sure your cpu temperature's are fine and voltages aren't too high. And you also need to make sure your overclock is stable of course.

    What CPU do you have?
  2. Those are really gross symptoms. Less obvious symptoms include resetting the BIOS and failing stress testing software.
  3. what are the other symptoms not described above?
    - wrong setting Bios
    - TOO HOT temperature
  4. jsc: what is 'resetting the BIOS' ? it means automatic resetting of BIOS ?

    henydiah: what is "wrong setting bios"? overclocking failure leads to erraneous bios setting?

    youngster: i just want to know the failure symptom :)

  5. Flames, running in panic and screaming can also be symptoms of an awry overclocking session :)
    Overclocking is safe as long as you learn enough about it, study your particular chip and see what others have managed to do with them.
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