Graphic card for 60-70$

Help i wanna buy new video card for my system and can run NBA 2K9 at max @1440x900 resolution thanks..
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  1. HD4670 512Mb.
    Check the Egg for prices.
    I take it you have a PCI-E slot?
  2. it would help to know ur system specs....
  3. Yup have PCI-E Slot
  4. do u know anything else about your system?
  5. 4830 off of ebay
    8800/9800GT off of ebay

    4670 or 4830 on newegg
  6. Radeon 4670, of that's a little too much then a Radeon 4650 (probably have to lower a few settings). Anything lower really won't cut it. If you don't mind the mail in rebates go with the 4830 previously suggested.
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