Video card Upgrade [Need help]

Ok , I tried figuring this out on my own but you can only type so many words on Google before you stop getting results. I have a Radeon 7500, AGP 2x/4x bus (3.3/1.5v) graphics card that was assaulted by my cat..... so i said "since I'm buying a new video card i wanted to buy a "New" video card." only problem is I don't know where to start.
motherboard: IBM rev:2.4
RAM: 2gb
Power: Codegen 200XA1 ATX (400W)
Processors: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz (x2)
Win. Xp
(If you need anymore information feel free to ask.)
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  1. For what purpose?
    According to my web searches that PSU has only 12A on the 12v output, can you confirm that? (it`s on a label on the PSU itself).
  2. I would like to use it for gaming and 3d modeling, As for the PSU I have a picture of the label
  3. The only thing I'd like to know is, are you on a tight budget? And what games would you like to play in what settings. Because upgrading an AGP card these days is bound to have you searching all over the place, since these cards are hard to find. You might consider upgrading your whole PC, while your at it. But that solely depends on your budget.

    If your budget only has room for a new graphics card you might consider getting a 3850 or so, I believe these come in AGP form.

    Here it is:
  4. ok this should work correct? and yes I'm on a tight budget, (B-day present)
  5. paco_35 said:
    ok this should work correct? and yes I'm on a tight budget, (B-day present)

    I'm not entirely sure your PSU can handle it. More opinions would be nice, but IMO getting a new, good name brand PSU would be playing it safe.
  6. ok and look at that the rebate expires in 24 hrs lucky me.
  7. I'm not sure about that PSU either, though 400W should be enough to handle a 3850 .. I guess. Indeed it would be handy if there'd be someone to post some idea's about the PSU, since I dont know.
  8. i guess i just unplug few things...
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