AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition Quad Core Unlock?

I was wondering if anybody had investigated information that has been circulating around the net for
the past month and a half or so about using a similar BIOS and board exploit as the Phenom X3 for the
X2 BEs?

Supposedly, the X2 7750 BE is unlockable from 2, to 4 functioning cores by selecting the correct board (ASRock),
the correct, old BIOS version that has weakness in its code allowing the exploit, and by toggling ACC.

Allegedly, someone in Korea using Windows XP SP 3 was able to successfully unlock the other two cores, and
posted screenshots on a few different forums across the net as verification.

I've recently begun investigating the matter thoroughly, and was wondering if anyone else had heard of this,
and tried unlocking the other two cores on a X2 7750 BE?

I admit it is possible that this is a hoax, but I don't imagine that my preliminary searches' (all of 30 minutes worth)
lack of in-depth guides reporting success, or in-depth guides explaining what must be done in what order as has been
done with the X3 Phenoms mean that it isn't possible.

I also figure that, true exploit or not, people aren't rushing out to drop a couple hundred dollars on a processor and board
that may or may not be unlockable to be more than its initial specs belie. How many people are really going to drop $200
on a new CPU, Board, and RAM just to test whether a rumor is true or not?

So, I ask the community, hoping that someone may have uncovered more information on the matter, or have tested this
for themselves and may share their results, before I buy a CPU and Board to see for myself.
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  1. Hmm, I think my ASRock AOD790GX/128M is one of the unlocker mobos, and I have a 7750 in a Gigabyte board.

    Id check it out, cept I already have the PII 940, so not alot of incentive for me...
  2. I don't know about that specific CPU, but in general some dualcores and some triplecores can be unlocked by some mobos, though AMD has "strongly suggested" to mobo manufacturers that they take steps to make this more difficult.

    From my understanding, it's a crapshhot whether a particular unit is unlockable...some dual cores or triples may be quads which came off the line with 1 or 2 bad cores... voila! it's now a dual/triple.

    I just ordered a 720 and the mobo is capable of unlocking it, but..if it does unlock, i'll just consider the 4th core to be a bonus. If not, eh...i'm still good to go.

    Good luck, please report back if you are or are not successful.
  3. If you could, I'd appreciate it... no worries if you don't feel like it. ;)

    From what I've found, there are several people that have tried it, all of whom (posting on forums, anyway)
    are not following directions. They don't have the correct boards, aren't using the correct BIOS version,
    have those but aren't using ACC, or if they're using ACC they aren't using AMD Overdrive (AOD), and so on...

    They aren't following the method the Korean source claims to begin with, and/or don't understand, or are unwilling
    to mess with the voltage on the board, etc.


    The closest I've seen to promising results so far, are people having their BIOS recognize 4 cores... though the additional
    cores do not register using windows. I'd take that to mean that it potentially works, but they haven't adjusted BIOS
    settings correctly, don't have voltages for the CPU set correctly, aren't using the correct version of their OS, etc.

    And as I mentioned, I don't imagine there are loads of people rushing to the stores to drop $200 on something that
    might work.
  4. no one should buy a 7750 thinking that it will be a quad core.
  5. When I got mine, I hadn't even heard of the possiblity of unlocking the disabled cores on my 7750. I knew the chip was basically a quad phenom with 2 cores disabled, making it a dual core. Figured, that might be an added bonus down the road if there was some buzz about it and some insight into how to pull it off!

    I haven't been able to do it, but also haven't found any great suggestions on how to accomplish it either! Just some "only these mobos" talk.

    But, no matter, I love my 7750 BE. Completely "unlocked" multiplier, this thing is cake to OC! 2.7GHz stock and I have it running beautifully @ 3.4GHz, barely touching the voltage. I haven't even completely explored the OC potential on it, cause I'm cool with how it runs where it is!

    I highly recommend the 7750 BE, she won't let you down!

    But if anyone can post some decent tips on how to unlock the other 2 cores, I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!
  6. Mine is unlocked.
    lucky me.
    ACC -2-2-4-4

    Im trying to validate with cpu-z but it says error code = 6 ??????

    now this 7750BE-2-PhenomX4 is 100% stable. :love:
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