Fan's too loud

Ok guys so the first few days my fans were nice n' quiet but recently they got alot louder.

My rear case fan is at 2500rpm's and with my old mobo it never got this loud.

Also the CPU fan was alot quieter just a few days ago. (temps have not increased)

And on top of these things my computer refuses to stay in sleep mode despite the function working just fine a few days ago.

The fans are too loud for my taste in and outside of windows and there does not seem to be any way to change them in the bios.
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  1. What motherboard do you have? It has to be quite old if it doesn't provide quiet fan support.
  2. P5KPL-AM SE.

    Maybe it does have some fan control that I just can't find....
  3. Set Q-fan control to enabled. That will at least take care of the CPU fan. You'll need a fan controller for the other fans.
  4. I eventually found the Qfan, I set it to performance mode for heavy computing since I mainly use for games and have an OC. Seems to have helped with the noise some.
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