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Hey I'm sorry if this is posted int he wrong section but this is my first time using this website.

I recently had my default video card burnout on my Dell Dimension 9200c similar to the new Insipiron 530s in that it has the slim build, the problem is traditional video cards do not fit properly being too long to fit in the ports provided. I'm not sure If I'm describing this right, but the part of the card that comes out from the back that is used for plugging the monitor in doesn't fit. Are there cards built for these smaller frames and if so what are they?

Here is a link for the type of comp with a small picture, it's the best i can do since I don't have the computer in front of me at the moment.
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  1. Yeah, they make them - search around for low profile cards. Dell made a few proprietary chassis though that don't even use those designs, though - hope you don't have one. A picture would be nice, here.
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