How to get files out of OLD hard drive

i have an old hard drive here and i wanted to pull some files out of it but it uses a 4 pin for the power which i have and then some other type of connection that i havent seen.....i was going to use my xps 630 to put the files into but i need help on how to
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  1. how old is the drive? the only other hdd connector I know of is an IDE. You might be able to get and adapter that would allow you to connect the ide to a sata port.

    BYTECC SATA Adapter IDE to SATA Covertor For Drive - Retail
  2. Is it an IDE hard disk? Can you provide the make/model number of that hard disk?
  3. the model is

    40gb 5400rpm Maxtor D540X-4K
  4. You can always buy an external enclosure to use it as an external Hard Drive. CompUSA usually has some for $20-25. Just make sure it says IDE on it. All you have to do is open it up, put the hard drive inside, connect the IDE and 4-pin molex connector, and plug in it's power supply and plug the USB connector into one of the USB ports on your computer.
  5. Do you not have just a regular computer that you can put it into? 99.9% of desktops out there should have at least 1 PATA and Molex connector open.
  6. I know, even the new X58 Boards still have a PATA/ IDE Slot on them.
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