HAF 932 WC question.

Here is a diagram I have made of what I want to do with my HAF 932 case to get it water cooled, but I need help. W Here should I put the pump? I think I have everything else mapped out well but the pump is giving me a hard time. I thought about putting it on the bottom but that would create a lot of back pressure from the pump to the radiator and I don't want that. At least I think it will, but it could work this is my first WC build.
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  1. There you go.
    Once again,
    You'll want more rad for those components.
    You'll want better fans on a GTX, the CM's actually do a decent job on lower FPI rads.
    And put some thought into the pump/res combo I linked to in the other thread.
  2. Back pressure? What do you mean by this?

    Pumps are usually mounted low in the case, but can go anywhere as long as they are fed by the reservoir and don't allow air in...meaning lower than the reservoir is good.

    And yes, you are going to need at least an additional 360 radiator for those components.

    DD CPU blocks aren't that great anymore... what DD blocks are you using on the 480s?

    What pump?
  3. DD-GTX480 All Copper Version x2

    MC-TDX for Intel I7/Nehalem/1366
    Top Style: Brass
    Fittings: 1/2" OD Fat Boy Fittings
    Acrylic Back Plate: Acrylic Back Plat

    DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed by Laing
  4. I'd find a different CPU block. Is there a reason you are going only with DD stuff? What fans are you using with the radiators? Have you spec'd radiators and fan speeds for FPI and RPM vs. flow and temp on www.Skinneelabs.com?

    Good choice on pump...it's a beast.
  5. Well when I ordered the stuff about a year ago I was reading then that DD was really reliable with their parts so I went with them. I will use my CPU block and if it performs low then I might switch it out, but after getting some other feedback I have had more than one person gell me I will need 2 of the 360's to cool this set up. so I might do something along these lines:

  6. Some of their stuff is pretty good, like their full cover GPU blocks. I had the DD TDX then switched to the D-tek v2 and saw a significant difference from that alone.

    Where did you read all of this prior to getting the components?
  7. Different forums here and there a lot from here, overclock.net and xteremehardware.com just threads like this one =P.
  8. I'd be cautious with Tom's and watercooling. There are only a very small handful of us here that have much knowledge, and a hell of a lot of people that have no clue, but still offer advice.

    I'm over on OCnet as well, same username. Still not the absolute best, but more dedicated people there.
  9. rubix_1011 said:
    and a hell of a lot of people that have no clue, but still offer advice.

    Makes for amusing reading sometimes :pt1cable:
  10. I completely agree.

    It's hard to argue stupidity with morons; they are experts at it.
  11. @OP ..looks like you stack with with the parts you purchase earlier-use them ,the only think i would change in your case is reservoir , additional radiator is a must, this pic my give you idea how to get it done;

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. sorry for long while to reply, but yea for the most part that is how I will mount the second rad and that may be a good place for the pump but I will try to make it work underneath the HDD bays first in that pointless hole lol. Trying to do the least bit of sacrificing of 5.25 bays and HDD bays.
  13. I've managed to fir a pair or 120.2 rads on the side panel of my 932. It is doable but can be very awkward since two can't fit on the same side. It can also lead to an excessive amount of tubing. A Scythe Slipstream and a Swiftech MCR220-Q-PK can fit on the right hand side providing you don't have an out-sized PSU.

    Here's what I mean:

    As to make it ascetically pleasing, give me another few months of fiddling on that one. The one fan is on the outside because there isn't room for the tubing on the graphics cards since I didn't use blocks designed around multi-gpu systems.
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