Intel Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition Processor Support DDR3?

Intel Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition Processor Support DDR3?

I was asking cause I see mobos supporting DDR3 for socket 775. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Depends on the MB chipset (the chipset contains the memory controller), but the answer really is "NO". I don't know of any MBs that support Pentium Ds (which haven't been sold for some years) and DDR3.
  2. The memory controller is on the motherboard. If the motherboard supports DDR3 AND the Pentium D 965, then you can use them both on that board. I don't see why you would by RAM that's worth so much more than the CPU though :D. It would be better off with some low latency DDR2.
  3. ^+1

    There is noway that cpu could even come close to the bandwith of ddr3.
  4. Yes, not to mention that it can't even come close to the bandwidth of DDR2.
  5. true, true
  6. Well reason I'm asking is I saw on tigerdirect That Pentium D Extreme. I just reread that board and misread that it said only Pentiums and was thinking it meant all of them, but thanks to what you pointed out helps. Is this processor worth getting or not?
  7. Any modern Intel CPU would be a better choice.
  8. +1 to PsychoSaysDie and BadTrip.

    Old Pentium D 965: Netburst architecture. Hot. Inefficient. Obsolete. You'll be better off using any other modern Intel CPU, no question there.
  9. I must say that's a good price for an EE chip though (even though it's a piece of crap). They usually stay at high prices because the old stock never gets sold. I used to see them going for over $1000 last year.
  10. That would be a great processor...

    For like $20-$25. For $100 its rape.
  11. I got another question that's been bugging me.... Which CPU is better AMD Phenom 9950 or the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200?

    And would either be a good bet for DDR3 or would I have to save up for a Phenom II or i7Core 920? Thanks.
  12. Between those two, I'd lean towards the 8200 - it'll overclock farther in all likelihood, and it will run cooler with less power. DDR3 probably isn't worth it though with either of them (and I'm not sure if you even can run DDR3 on the 9950 - I'm pretty sure it only supports DDR2).
  13. Thanks for the information.
  14. +1 I would avoid the Phenom Is
  15. The Phenom 9950 is actually very close in performance to the Q8200. But if you overclock the Q8200 it would absolutely destroy the 9950.
  16. a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo will be similar in performance compared to that Intel Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition at 3.7GHz. Plus you would be able to easily overclock the C2D to 3GHz wich will make it 60% faster than that Pentium D EE
  17. Thanks for the information. Something I'm been curious about is hyper threading only Intel and Hyper Transport only AMD? Thanks.
  18. Intel's Core i7 uses a logically similar interconnect as HyperTransport, but it is not the same thing. That's called Quick Path Interconnect (not a very cool name IMO). Hyperthreading is a different topic altogether.
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