Server vs "everything else"

I heard that the dual processor can be really good for a gaming computer, ONLY if you use a standard video card (IE: not FireGL)

Thinking two dual core Xeons with hyperthread.

I don't want to use an i7. too overpriced for me, and there are way better things out there. and i can name a few.

Any suggestions or deals that someone can point out?
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  1. Supermicro, Tyan and Intel all have dual-socket Xeon motherboards
    for both servers and workstations.

  2. Thanks, but i should have been more specific.

    what's best for everyday use/gaming?
  3. What price range do you want to consider?

    If you want a 2x Quad CPU option (3.2GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors) with 4x PCI-e x16 video card slots you could look at a system with a Skulltrail motherboard.

    It's a bit of overkill for "everyday" use though and you're talking somewhere around $3K just for the CPUs.
  4. under 1K preferrably
  5. melinapayne said:
    under 1K preferrably

    :lol: :pt1cable: :kaola:

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    Look if you want to use a motherboard with dual CPU sockets you're just going to have to shell out some money. For 1k you're better off going with normal desktop parts and building a good single socket system.
  6. You are not gonna get a good dual quad system for under 1K. If I were you i would get this=

    280$ i7920

    189$ mobo

    200$ ddr3 (you chose)

    and 2 of these monsters

    1050$ And an absolute monster. I assume you are saying that you are just talking about 1k for cpu/mobo/gfx and you have everything else taken into account (case psu monitors drives ect.)

    An i7920 at say, 4ghz(easy) and ddr3 will (im saying this tentatively) beat 2 low end core 2 quads and ddr2 in real world applications (everyday use/ gaming) and 2 1gb 4870s in crossfire or a 4870X2 is way more graphics power than you'll ever need ;) You'll easily max every game for 3 years(maybe more :D )

    Honestly ill think that you'll do better with this than a dual c2q. (And you'll save TONS of money :wahoo: ).
  7. Quote:
    I heard that the dual processor can be really good for a gaming computer, ONLY if you use a standard video card (IE: not FireGL)

    Not sure what you have heard, the only actual difference between workstation cards and gaming cards ire the drivers (the hardware is 98% smiler; they sometimes differ on the amount of onboard RAM.) The gaming drivers are more optimized for gaining high fps wile sacrificing rendering accuracy,etc. while the workstation cards are optimized for high quality/detail precise rendering while sacrificing fps.

    Imo, you are better off building a i7 over a 2P based build with your budget. A good 2P motherboard it self will set you back about $300-400. Not to mention FB-DIMM/ECC RAM is still a bit more expensive than even DDR3 RAM.
  8. just whatever would be fastest/cheapest for gaming.

    like i said. heard servers are best for money spent
  9. Your best bet for a fast gaming PC, while saving money, would be a C2D. Get an E8400 or better and a good GPU. A GTX 260 or a 1 gig 4870 would work well for that. And then you'd be set for good cheap gaming.

    You should stop listening to the person that told you server parts are better for gaming. Server parts are not designed to play games.
  10. ^True that, stop listning to him. Servers are not meant for gaming and will not really help much even if you try. The money spent is NOT worth it. Tell the person who told you to come here and see him prove servers are better than normal gaming systems.
  11. A 2004 vintage server motherboard. 1 PCI-e x16 slots + 1 PCI-e x8 (x4 electrical) but not Crossfire capable, might be SLI capable but could not confirm that.
    Uses DDR2 but ECC version and only DDR2 400 PC2-3200. Non-standard CPU cooling and unknown overclocking potential, probably none since it's HP.
    Six year old PSU? Reconditioned system, only 90 day warranty. No gaming graphics card.
    Two CPU sockets, but only 2 CPU cores - Pentium 4 class Nocona Xeon 3.2Ghz CPUs. Equivalent CPU is Intel Pentium 4 650

    For gaming - I think a $70 Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5Ghz system would Seriously stomp all over that rig, and do it for less $$$.
  12. melinapayne said:

    Like a 3-4 year old computer that would get worked over by anything currently made. Honestly, you've already been told this, but server boards are not made for gaming and DO NOT work better than regular desktop parts for gaming.

    What is your $1,000 supposed to buy you? Do you already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc...? If you do already have a monitor, what resolution does it run at? We could help you put together a build that would stomp that old HP for $1,000.
  13. i want the cheapest thing possible that can run crysis on mid-range that can be upgraded in the future to play on high.
  14. We still need to know what you expect to get for the $1,000 budget. Is a monitor included in the budget?
  15. monitor is not included in the budget. i have one. it doesn't matter what kind because there are converters from one type to another.

    like I said, chespest possible. Nothing too big like a Quad core or 17. i don't want something "future proof", just something that can play the low to mid-high games I want.
  16. I'd prefer a one or two-color system. Need Case/CPU and everything. If you can add a nice screen under 200$, to add up to about 800-100 I'd love that. If you can get the total closer to around 500 (without a screen) that would be FANTASTIC.
  17. The THG's $625 System Builders Guide is an excellent starting place for a system to take a good whack @ Crysis. With 4870s now under $160 (with rebate) upgrade the E5200 to E5400 (if you're overclocking the E5200 is fine), add Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit and you should be able to squeeze in a 22" LCD monitor if you want to max out your budget.
  18. I just saw the recommended PSU was out of stock so toss in the CORSAIR 550VX $70 a/r as a replacement.

    If you wanted to buy one item right now - Vista Home Premium x64 OEM is $20 off
    Promo Code: EMCLRLN28
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