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I posted last week and thought I would be able to figure this out but I can't. I have a RAID 0 setup that stopped booting to XP. So I got a new HDD, a clone of the other two. Installed windows 7, installed appropriate RAID drivers during windows 7 setup on the single drive and it boots up just fine. The raid drives are recognized by windows 7 as a single drive, but windows 7 is giving me the wrong size information for the drive.

The booting drive shows up appropriately sized and partitioned, but the RAID drives are listed at something like 700 MB instead of 1.2 TB. When you click on "computer" to view available drives, that is what you get. HOWEVER, when you go into "disk management" and view the drives, the boot drive still shows up fine, but the RAID drives show their true properties at 1.2TB. But the only data that shows up on them is a couple of NTLDR type files from the old XP installation. There are no folders that contain any of my old data whatsoever.

I've fooled around with some data recovery software that says it can reconstruct the RAID and then de-stripe it, but it's going to take like 24 hours to complete. I figured I'd see if there was another way first.

What can I do to get windows to see those drives as their true size, and maybe let me access the data on them?

Side note: The RAID drives also showed up as 700MB when I tried installing XP as a repair. Windows for some reason only sees the drives as such, and says there isn't enough room to install windows. Those drives total 1.2TB of space, and there is only like 200-300 GB of data on them. What is up with windows not seeing them correctly? If one of the drives has failed, it should still show up as it's true size right? If the drive or drives have failed, why does the RAID controller still list them as "healthy" and "functional" during POST?
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  1. Anyone? Is this too rare a problem? I've never come accross it until now....
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