2x9800GTX, or one 285?

Thinking about my next upgrade path. Going from a 19" VX922 to probably dual-display 22" monitors. I have a 9800GTX.

SLI the 9800GTX, or go for a single 285?

Just as an FYI, I don't plan on running any games on both monitors at once (if it's avoidable). Also, I have a PC P&C 750watt PSU so I would be fine for power if I SLI'd.
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  1. Your 9800 should be able to handle a 22". If you're not happy with the performance, upgrade to GTX275.
  2. Two 9800GTX is much better than a single GTX285.
  3. Just sli the 9800gtx running at 1680x1050 wont require much higher end cards unless you plan to upgrade to 1900x1200+
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