Which motherboard for AMD Phenom II X2 550 be?

Just wanted to get people's opinions on this. I already have a biostar ta790gx a3+ DDR3 motherboard that does not work. I want to just return it and try to buy a better board.

System will be used mostly for gaming and HD video via Blu-Ray player.

Must have DDR3 support. and Support for AMD PHenom II x2 550 black edition.

I would also like to unlock all four cores on this chip. SO what is a good motherboard for doing all that?

Other thoughts: Doesn't have to have onboard graphics chipset, because I already have a Sapphire Vaporx Radeon hd4890 1gb graphics card which should run the graphics.

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  1. well, I think the board I got is bad, so I am working on troubleshooting it right now...been a huge fiasco. But I am too impatient to get this system up and running so I want to just buy a new board and then figure out how to deal with the biostar board later.

    From talking to others it seems like many people have had trouble with the biostar boards. So I'm thinking a gigabyte, or Asus maybe.
  2. specs...

    Biostar board and AMD processor listed above
    G.Skill DDR3 2x 2gb memory
    Sapphire Vapor-x radeon 4890 1gb gpu
    WD caviar black 640gb HDD
    Chieftech 750w psu
    blu-ray disc player
    DVD-r/rw CD-r/rw
    samsung t260hd Monitor
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