Hard Drive Failure

Hi Tom,
I bought a seagate 1tb ext drive last year. Last week it just stopped working. I took it outta the casing and put it into a HD docking bay (Sumvision). The hard drive don't show up. I don't think any power is getting to it. Seagate want between £700 and £1200 to recover my data. Now, I ain't gonna pay for that. If they can recover the files then there's a way to do it. How could I go about recovering my files? Now, I can't get any power into the drive. Thanks.
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  1. By the way, it's a seagate 1tb Barracuda 7200.12 sata drive.
  2. What happens if you connect it to your computer's motherboard?

    Did you overvolt the drive?

    Did you drop it?
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