What would be the best choice for a Motherboard & Case combo

If you were to get a Motherboard & Case off new egg as a combo what would you recommend? and if they don't have a good one available what would you suggest. I'm building a gaming and media computer and i mean extreme. the the motherboard has to be compatible with a high-end processor and high end graphics card. I also have a Samsung Touch of Color T240HD 24" LCD HD Monitor - 5ms, 1080p, 1920 x 1200, 1000:1, HDMI, DVI, Rose/Black , the graphic card has to be able to support it. which most will. ill have more ?s later
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  1. What do you consider to be a "high-end" graphics card? Most MBs these days support pretty much all PCI-express x16 graphics cards. Are you planning on using SLI or Crossfire?
    Similarly, what are you looking for in a case? Do you like bling? Hate bling? Like fans and noise? Hate fans and noise? Like big size? Hate big size? Need 8 drive bays? Need 2 drive bays?
    You really need to give us a lot more info.
  2. Well the case needs to have 4-8 hard drive bays. It also needs a 3.2 possessor that has the option to be over clocked and a graphics card with More than 512. it needs at least 12 gb of ram. also if you were to chose and icore7 of a quan while thing about cost what would you choose. and when considering a graphics card would you choose ATI or nvidia. Cooling is a big concern along with noise. i don't mind if the tower is big space isn't a concern .
    i also want the ability to upgrade late if needed and a big power supply. would a 1200 watt be over doing it or should it be more? bling also might be nice. also i would like it if it can run demanding applications without lag as well. along if a hard core gaming option. mostly for online gaming.
  3. Your last post was very difficult to understand (spelling+grammar+punctuation), but based on what you've posted, just get the best of everything.
    Here are some nice quality cases:
    Here's your CPU:
    Here's your MB:
    Here's your RAM:
  4. 12g of ram is too much - a lot of bechmarks actually run very slightly slower
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