Acc goes back to disable when unlocking core! i need help

When I barely build my computer 2 days ago I installed Windows and as soon as I was finished I went to the Bios and put the first option to hybrid and the acc to auto, then save it and gave me a message to wait, then the computer restarts and i am able to go into windows, but when i check in cpu-z to see if it shows 4 or 3 cores, it only shows the normal 2, so I go back to BIOS and see that automatically the acc has gone back to disable, I dont understand what happening.

I have a gigabyte 770t-usb3 and phenom II X2 560, I tried it with the stock bios the it came with, which was F3, since i couldn't with that one, I upgraded to F4 and same thing, then to F1 (first release) and same! I already add voltage to NB voltage, CPU NB voltage And Vcore and it acs the same, when i go back to Bios is back to disable.

SO if anyone has an idea, please help me out!
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  1. Did you up the voltages straight away or as a follow on to enabling Acc?
    was the pc running ok at stock?

    normally I'd say its a non-unlocker, but as I'm unsure as to how you've progressed,
    go back to square one,
    run memtest on your ram, make sure thats stable before you start.

    Get bios to latest version F4 was it?
    Get the system running on stock settings 2 cores, no overclock,no voltage adjustments
    Unlock one extra core at a time to check that xxx core works fine, Prime95 or a similar program will stress it enough,
    Cores 0 and 1 should be fine from factory so if core 2 (your first 'extra' core) works, lock it back up and then repeat with core 3, see if that is ok,

    Once you know which cores work on stock settings you have a solid base to work from, and you can then try tweaking voltage,
    only up the Vcore to begin with, northbridge may require more but that will become apparent if its needed
    Theres a few threads on here on the same unlocking issues, best advice is trawl through a few of those too, get some inside tips from other owners
  2. As I said Mal, normally I'd have said that too,
    but given the amount of messing the Op did before ever firing the rig up, best to go back to square one imo and try from there :)
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