9600gso sli on Antec earthwatts 500w ?

True budget gaming i7 rig for a friend (under $1000 USD tax and shipping included)...

Core I7 920 (D0)
Xigmatek DK S1283V
6GB Patriot Viper DDR3 1600
2 x Asus 9600 GSO (G92)
Antec P180 mini case (micro atx)
Antec EA500 PSU.
Samsung DVD burner

Question: Will 2 x 9600 GSO run fine on Antec EA500? or will he have a problem?
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  1. You'd do better buying one better graphics card than those 2.

    I would have said that PSU will be borderline, I'd feel safer with something at least a little bigger.
  2. Should be fine, those cards don't draw that much power.
  3. Why buy 2 9600 GSO? Isn't that more expensive than 1 GTX 260 which performs better?
  4. That would be borderline at best.
    Better would be to ditch the SLI setup and get a single 4870/GTX 260.
    This will give you better performance at a lower cost.
  5. ^+1 for one better card.
  6. outlw6669 said:
    Better would be to ditch the SLI setup and get a single 4870/GTX 260.

    That will draw more power than 2 GSOs.
  7. The Antec EA500 with 408W on its 12V rail is more than capable of handling the spec. listed in OP plus a GTX280 @stock. Either HD4870 1GB or GTX260 would fit that setup well.
  8. I think OP is referring to a good deal on the 9600gso.
    And yes that psu will handle 2 9600gso sli and have a lot of power left over.
    Antec EA500 is a excellent quality psu and could even handle up to 2 gtx260 sli.
  9. :ouch:

    Damn, that is a steal!
    Now I kinda wish I still lived in the states.
    I could build a monster folding rig for so cheap...
  10. Everything runs fine... 2 x 9600 GSO in sli is pretty good in game. After reapplying the thermal grease to the GSO, it idles in mid 30c and loads in high 60c.
  11. Yes we got the GSO at newegg @ $55 each and got free COD World at war. It was a great freaken deal. $110 for 2 GPU and 2 free games (gonna sell @ ebay)
  12. YES that PSU should run that machine just fine

    I agree that it would make more sense to go with a better card. If you are going to go with two GSOs anyway then go for the 768MB versions as the 384MB versions will really be limited by memory before they are limited by GPU power.
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