I changed my dell screen and i cant start windows

I have a Dell Latitude D530 and I just changed my screen, it powers on but starts up then goes to a black screen with white letters and 2 choices. It says window failed to start a, change of hardware might be the cause.
- Launch Start up Repair (recommended)
- Start wondows normally

When I chose the first it just immediatley loops around to the same message above.
When I chose start windows normally, it loops around to the same message.
When I hold down F2 it goes to other choices and screen but I don't know what to do.
Same with F12, goes to a different screens but don't know what to do.
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  1. Try booting into safe mode and put back the changes you made.

    To get into safe mode, keep tapping the F8 key while booting up. Timing can be critical which is why I suggest you keep tapping. You will see a menu and can select safe mode with networking.
  2. Ah logo screens...
    I changed my screens since the good old days, and learned from my stupid mistakes...and still change my screens on my xp very often... :D

    First thing you need to know is that you need to have a certain resolution of the image you want to put at startup, and more important a certain color depth (usually 8 bit), also, it has to be a *.bmp file.

    While in safe mode, if you can't change the screen from your program, uninstalling it should restore the screen to its default.

    Just out of curiosity what program have U used to change the screen?

    If you still want to change your logo after you get out of this, I'll provide a tutorial. :hello:
  3. When you say you changed your screen, do you mean actually replaced the LCD screen? Or what me 1 is talking about and changed the default Windows logon images and text?

    Did you get an exact screen for your model? If SafeMode does not help, you will need to run a Repair setup of Windows to reset your drivers, for that you need to boot off your Windows setup media. But since you had issues with other prompts from your options, you may want to off-load this to some-one else. If you need to re-install Windows fully, a good idea may be to buy a new hard-drive, install Windows on that, and keep your original drive to restore your files from, and now you also have a back-up drive.
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