AMD x4 Pii 955 working motherboards anywhere ?

Sorry for this stupid question, I bought a 955 with a Biostar 790gx motherboard that stated on the and Biostar website as supporting Phenom II x4 and 140w then tested by and they did not notice the 800mhz / 960mhz OC speed the 3.2ghz quad is running at. ???

Yes I disabled cool and quiet, yes I updated the bios.

I have tried to look for another motherboard that would actually work with this AMD X4 PII 955 and having major issues finding working motherboards.

I don't mind to get a motherboard that needs a bios update provided the motherboard works into windows installed and can flash the bios in win or usb.
Floppy's ?? No idea floppy's still exists.

I am so tired of reading in the reviews on :pfff: about 955 not supported on this motherboard on a 140w AM2+ or AM3 Phenom II X4 ready motherboards with Amd 780G/790G chip.

Is there a list of actual working motherboard with inbuilt gpu hopefully AMD 790G DDR2 that someone has managed to get working costing under $120 with the AMD X4 PII 955 ??

Seeing that the 955 uses 268W, WTH ?? at peak and not the 125W rated what is the minm. PSU to get for a AMD X4 955 + 2x wd 400gb 3.5" sata + dvd-rw sata and 80mm + 120mm fans ??

Is there a specific minm. rating the 4 pin cpu power connector need to be ?

Thanks this will help about 20000 AMD X4 PII 955 buyers hating their current AMD hardware that cost'd more than a I7c build price to ship back and forth / fix.
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  1. Q1: The 955 is AMD's top end chip and they're probably assuming noone will be buying it and not buying a discrete graphics card.

    Q2: the 268W will be whole system, no CPU uses that much power.

    Q3: I believe all 4pin power connectors provide enough to power 4 pin boards, however, if the mobo has 8 pins power then you might need that to run the higher end chips.
  2. I can see with actual working motherboard the 955 will rock my world.
    Yup I am starting to think I made a major stuff up with this 955 / AMD instead of Intel.
    I can still send this stuff back so need some more help to decide or fix the problem.

    Tell me is there any form of something similar to hyper threading on the 955 or any Phenom or AMD with 4 cores ? This is a major deal maker / breaker in supporting AMD or Intel.

    I am sure I read somewhere during the test on Tomshardware that the 955 has hyper threading and could never find actual info / details about this stating yes or no to hyper threading.

    Not talking about hyper transport talking about hyper threading or AMD's version of it that makes the OS think you have 8 cores instead of 4 ?

    I bought this on a very tight budget and had to either get a number cruncher with 4 / 8 virtual cores like i7c 720 or 955 if it had hyper threading and so chose 955 based on info found in toms test reports otherwise I could have taken the 940 as you mentioned.

    If AMD does not have hyper threading I could have bought any cpu out there intel amd anything and had a working pc at this time.

    Toms is the only guy's that could get through to motherboard makers and inform them of the problems us little folks are having.

    Power consumption confusion = I m not inside the testers head so read what is writen and presume the rest.
    289W power please translate this page to english.,2278-11.html

    "At the end of the day, it’s AMD’s relatively new 45nm manufacturing process that enables the new Phenom II X4 955 to almost exactly match the X4 940—chalk that 1W difference up to the benefits of running 1.8V DDR3 rather than our 2.1V DDR2 modules."

    Not quite clear on this above link / quote. Whole system uses this / cpu sucks this and rest of system not included in this test = add rest of system on top of this 289w.
  3. Quote:
    Your name is so fitting. ROFL

    Amazing over 200 people on newegg gave it 5 eggs.

    You bought a DDR3 cpu together with a cheap DDR2 mobo. If your trying to save a few dollars by using your old ram, you should have gotten a P2 940, overclocked it 200mhz and saved yourself $60.

    Amazing hardware once you get it working, problem / hate = in the process to get this to work you spend close to 2 weeks at least 3 or more emails to motherboard maker / ram maker / amd / online shop several online live chats etc etc .

    You end up spending the from $100 to $300 you did not have just to get a working motherboard and extra PSU's so end up with extra parts you do not need and all this costs more than just i7c 720 + motherboard and ram I should have bought that actually has Hyper Threading.

    I am a AMD/ATI fanboy always but this money and time wasted makes me think twice about AMD X4 PII 955 upgrade project.
    I am so embarrassed about fanboying AMD / trashing Intel in my forums and family saying you build close to 300 pc's and you can not get a AMD pc to work what gives ?
  4. Yea, I know what you mean. I bought a i7 920 and a 1156 mobo, wasted all that time, and now have to spend even more money for a more expensive mobo. Time to head over to AMD I guess, with Intels crazy naming scheme n all
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