Is a front panel power switch required to test motherboard

I have a Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H and an e8400 processor along with a Corsair VX550W power supply and OCZ 2x2GB memory sticks.

When I connect the power, nothing happens (no CPU or Power Supply fans, no beeps etc.). I have connected both the 24-pin Main Power Connector and the 2x2 12V Power connector. I disconnected the memory sticks and still no power.

I'm temporarily running without a case right now. In its default state, will this board boot automatically when power is connected or does it require the front panel header to be connected to power up the board?

If the front panel header is required, how can I simulate the presence of the front panel power switch?

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  1. You have to temporarily short-out the pins where the power switch should be connected.
  2. Thanks. Shorting the pins solved my problem.
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