Can bass from my sub cause a leak in wc loop?

Quick question. I just got a z-5500 setup that has a ridiculously large sub. Today I was listening to a rap song and was wondering if anyone's heard of bass from a sub causing something to come loose in watercooling, as I have a LOT of money invested in my tower, so that would pretty Much suck.
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  1. I highly doubt the boss would even move anything. Lets put it this way, PVC tubing can probably take more air pressure than your tiny thing ear drums.
  2. I haven't heard of it happening, but I'm sure its possible. Think of the big car stereos. Haven't you ever heard a car go by and every time it "thumps" you can hear the screws in the car rattle? (In Cali this happens a lot) I personally would check every few weeks or so, at least for awhile. If nothing is happening, then its probably ok.
  3. @rofl, it's not the tubing that I'm worried about, it's more like 4745 said, I'm worried more about the barbs coming unscrewed a little or something like that. I never worried about it before, but this new sub is huge.

    Thanks for the input guys. I'll keep checking it.
  4. If anything, resonating vibrations on acrylic like a reservoir could cause hairline fractures around barbs if it were mounted solidly to the case, and the tubing had enough play to move. I'd say you'd be more apt to cause a leak moving your case around your room or to a LAN than from a subwoofer, but hey, anything is possible if you don't make sure you have a good, solid, leak-proof setup to begin with. :)
  5. yeah, I did leak testing, and it's pretty solid I believe. (never had any problems with the build before this, or this one so far) I never move the case (it's an 800d and requires a crane to move when loaded with hardware)
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