Please advise a noob regarding XFX 5770 OC :)

Hey guys!

Well I recently purchased a 5770 and have decided to OC it for games like ARMA 2, STALKER, etc. My goal is to reach 4890 stock speeds or somewhere near that with an OC.

So far I've been using ATI Overdrive - I have it set to 950/1385 with fan at 80%. I tested it with furmark and I got 67 degrees temp max, although it was only on for 5 mins. My question is should I go further? Should I increase the voltage using another program, and try to hit something like 1ghz core and 1400 mem, or will that only make a 1 FPS difference? Thanks.
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  1. use rivatuner
    & don't increase voltage when your PC Stable
  2. rivatuner or i prefer Msi afterburner. and yes keep it under 85C and you should be fine. i made it to 1040mhz Core with my 5770. but you will probably need to increase the voltage to get it that high. dont increase it though till you have to.

    i would let furmark run a bit longer than that. maybe 20min. to make sure its stable.

    overclocking in general you wont see a huge difference, but the thing is its free performance gains, so why not?
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