Seagate st3500320as

Hello, my motherboard is not detecting my hard drive?
my hd is a seagate st3500320as and i have tried using the seagate tool and the tool cant find it as well. i have all the plugs in corectly.
Oh and I dont have another ATA computer to try it in..
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  1. Your drive may be a victim of the Seagate 7200.11 BSY bug.

    Here are repair procedures for Seagate 7200.11 drives:

    Tutorial with photos:

    Pinout of Nokia CA-42 cable's Pop-port connector (use pins 6,7,8):

    See the following technical bulletin:

    Seagate were at one time offering free data recovery services to those customers whose drives were affected by the bug. This may still be the case.

    After you have repaired your drive, you can apply the following firmware update.

    Firmware Update for ST3500320AS, ST3500620AS, ST3500820AS, ST3640330AS, ST3640530AS, ST3750330AS, ST3750630AS, ST31000340AS [207951]:
  2. To: chrissyqld
    I am a new comer of Tom's Hardware.
    I was stuck by my Seagate HDD yesterday.

    Barracuda 7200.11
    Model: ST3500320AS
    Firmware: SD15

    Same as you possibly.

    It does not show up during BIOS AHCI Drive init.
    Checking Internet, it is a firmware issue.

    My Seagate is an OEM version. Seagate provides NO data recovery!!!
    If yours are Retailer version, Seagate will possibly save you. Call Seagate to recover.

    I find a data recovery company to get all data back. I am waiting to get my data back hopefully. But It is expensive.

    If yours has critical data, it is better to find a data recovery company to help.

    To: fzabkar
    You seems an Expert of fixing this firmware issue.
  3. what about flashing the drive? how do i do that and will that work?
  4. You cannot update the firmware on a drive that is not detected by the BIOS.

    Your cheapest solution is the well-known DIY fix in my previous post.
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