How do i install Microsoft net framework version 2 0 for windows 7 for FREE?

How do I install Net Framework Version 2.0 for windows 7?
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  1. From windows update.

    Not sure if they'll have .net 2.0, but .net 3.0 should work.
  2. All the .net frameworks are accessible from Windows Update, or else look here:
  3. Windows 7 come with .Net v3.5 SP1 which already supports .Net v2.

    If your having issues loook @
  4. If you have windows 7 installed, you allready have .Net 2.0
  5. theDanijel said:
    If you have windows 7 installed, you allready have .Net 2.0

    That is the problem...I don't have it and I cannot access photos from a card or flash drive. when I go to microsoft and download netframe, it then tells me I need to turn off or turn on yada, yada. I dont understand...
  6. I don't understand what you just said...

    What is the error message, minus the yada-yada?
  7. Windows 7 comes with .net framework 3.5 Sp1, .net framework 2.0 also included in this package you can go to: Control Panel-->Programs and features, and left panel you should see an option for "Turn windows features on or off" click there and you can see .net framework installations.

    If .net framework option is turned on try uninstalling by turning off the and after uninstall restart your machine and turn it back on. This might help also are you using a thrid party picture viewer and sofware? If you are you might wanna get the latest updates for that software.

    Windows 7 will not let you install .net framework 2 you will get a compatibility message.

    Hope this helps.
  8. When I turn on my computer, I get an error message. You need to download Net frame works 2.0.
    I downloaded it and I get an error message after the download that I have to "turn on or off window features,"

    And now where do I find Net frame on my computer and how do I download it?
  9. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features. The Microsoft .Net framework should be in the list if you have it installed. Do you see anything there?
  10. It isnt there.
    netframe 4 extended is installed.

    what feature needs to be turned off or turned on? isn't that redundant?
  11. Search for "Turn Windows features on or off", look in the list for the .Net framework, and try ticking all the boxes under it.
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