Help! First time building.

So ive choose to go in to the excellent business of building my own computer, and i just want to be sure that my parts fits with each other before i buy them ;)

Motherboard : asus P5Q SE

Videocard : Asus EAH4670

Cabinet: : Asus Ta-882 Miditower

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3ghz, 6 mb cache)

Ram : Corsair XMS2 Xtreme - 2 of 2x2gb 800 mhz

DVD Drive : Samsung SH-S223F

Hardrive : Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 - 250gb 7200 rpm

Cabinet Cooling : 2x Hiper 80 mm for circulation in the Cabinet

Cpu Cooling : Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 Gt for Socket 775.

Now here's my questions ;)

Which power supply should i get? any special voltage i need?

Do i need more cooling?

Do you have anything too add?

Anyone know if the Cpu will come with some Thermal Compound?
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  1. i'd go with the arctic freezer 7 pro
    this cooler come with arctic mx 2 thermal compound applied

    i'd say any brand name power supply( pc power and cooling, corsair, etc)500 to 600 watts
    if you plan to overclock or add beefier vid card you might as high as a 700 or 750 watt.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, i wont be overclocking, so i will just go with an 550 watt powersupply.

    again Thanks for your help.
  3. no problem and good luck
  4. Is there any difference in Home Premium and business when it comes to gaming? Since i am doing all my work in Openoffice, and i use a Paid antivirus program, so i wont have to use the Windowns Defender.

    I am going for 16 bit version, and according too Windows' homepage Business support 128+ gb ram, where as the 64 bit version of Home Premium only support 16gb.

    In My country there's an major difference in price betwenn business and home premium, where home premium costs three times as much as business. Business costing 50 Dollars and home premium costing just about 160 dollars.
  5. Meant 64 bit in line 2, cant edit it -.-
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