Video card gives memory error

Whenever I put in my video card my mobo's led 1 turns on but not 2 and starts making beeping noises. According to the manual, this indicates that there is a memory error...

Whats wrong?

Btw what is JATXPWR1 for? It says that it provides exclusive power for the graphics card. What should I do with it?
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  1. Quote:
    ATX Power Source Connectors: JATXPWR1/JATXPWR2
    JATXPWR1: This connector allows user to connect 20-pin power
    connector on the ATX power supply.
    JATXPWR2: By connecting this connector, it will provide +12V to CPU
    power circuit.


    Hope this helps!
  2. Make and model of motherboard, video card, and power supply?

    Are you certain you plugged in all power connections, including the 4-pin or 8-pin secondary motherboard power cable? That would be in addition to the standard 20-pin or 24-pin primary connection.

    Does your video card have a 6-pin or 8-pin (or both) connector on it?
  3. um...plug the pci power connector into the video card
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