Three Hard Drives - How to Manage?


I'm new to the boards.

I just bought my third hard drive. I have three, now. The first one is 149GB with 19.4 free and the second is 465GB with 83.9 free.

I just bought a two 2TB drive
. I need help with the best way to manage these drives, for optimum performance.

Attached are my specs.

This is what I bought

Any suggestions?

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  1. It's really up to you to decide how to organize your files. The way I do it on the three drives on my system is as follows:

    160GB SSD holds the operating system and all programs.
    500GB HDD holds the files that I actively work on day to day
    1TB HDD holds "archived" files that I want to keep but rarely change

    This helps reduce my backup volume by eliminating the need to back up the 1TB drive as often as the other drives. I do full backups of the first two drives every week, and full backups of the 1TB drive only monthly. I do incremental backups of all files changed on all drives every day.
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