640GB HDD in a 500GB enclosure

am using a 640GB 2.5" SAMSUNG HM641JI in the following HDD enclosure:

SHE072, made by SSK, Shenzhen, China (http://www.ssk.cn/en/en/productshow.asp?id=409&proid=30)

My first disk (same type) became inaccessible after 3 months and I had it replaced with a new one. I wouldn't like to have the same problem. Can an enclosure damage a hard disk and make it inaccessible or the problem was with the disk itself?
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  1. The 640GB HDD should work. Enclosures can damage HDDs, usually from overheating. I like aluminum enclosures (one even has a small fan), and I leave them sitting on top of my case when I'm using them. Avoid placing the enclosure in a desk drawer or other closed space with no air circulation.
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