Video card interference from soundcard.

Bought a Auzentech Forte card recently and am running a crossfire setup so I only have really one choice in how to install my pci cards.

It seems whenever my main video card goes under a high load I get annoying buzzing audio interference. This also happens when I scroll on something that has a white background in programs like internet explorer.

Anyone have any way for me to fix this issue?

Sound card is in a pci-e slot immediately above the video card. I could rearrange things to put the soundcard below the 2nd one but that is immediately above my power supply and it would interfere with the cooler.
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  1. Update to latest drivers for your video cards. Do the same for the forte. If you still have the issue, try Daniel K Drivers. I don't suppose you're overclocking? If so, reset to stock and see if the issue still happens.
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