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Hey everyone,
I'm currently planning to buy a i5 760 + Asus P7P55D-E PRO + Hyper 212+ and I was just wondering what fans would give me the best chance to reach 4Ghz under 70c? (I'd like to have blue LEDs and not be annoyingly loud)
I will be buying 2 fans to run in push-pull configuration.

here is the fan I picked out but I don't know much about fans:
Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP 120mm Blue x 2 = $20

Also, the fans need to be available on or
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  1. Oh also will be using Shin-Etsu TIM
  2. OK... imho you should go for pwm fans since they are for the cpu cooler... The best fan you can get (since you didnt indicate budget) is the Sharkoon Silen Eagle 120mm
    They come at $18 a pop but have 4 pin pwm control so is speed adjustable... and it has won many rave reviews for its design and performance...

    If you feel that its too much then you can go for the fan you have selected... i never had a problem with coolermaster fans... except them being a bit noisy...
  3. thanks for the reply.
    and sorry my budget is $50. So what I could do is use the stock fan on the hyper 212 (blademaster) and 1 of the SE's.
    according to a chart at full speed its extremely quiet and moves 49cfm . which is lower than the ones I have listed, so would I use the SE for pull on the front of the cooler then the blademaster for pull?
    I believe the one that moves less air is supposed to be in the front so the hot air doesn't get stuck in the cooler.

    Also since the one that comes with the hyper 212+ is pwm, would I need to get a PWM splitter? and can those be bought from either amazon or Newegg because those are they only sites I will be buying from. thanks for all the help.
  4. Here is the mobo I will have's CPU fan headers, it looks like two 4 pinned right? So I shouldn't need a PWM splitter correct?
  5. I got a cooler master 120 mm led fan for my hyper 212 +. It does well-
  6. is it loud?
  7. Well, not really, i set them to 50 % though ,i have 4 of them in my case, on the cpu cooler, it is automated, higher temp higher rpm, at full rpm it does make some noise- not that loud, but it does its job well-
  8. are you using these? cuz these are 3 pin which wouldn't allow me to use PWM.
  9. I guess it is -
    Well as for pwn, i dont remember connecting mine 3 pins, simple power "white cable" forgot the name and i can control them - !
  10. 3 pin connector.
    which means it won't be PWM on the mobo that needs a 4 pin connector.

    after looking around I think I'm going to go with these:
    1 of these Apevia 4 pin wit blue LED $8
    and 1 of these Sharkoon SE 120 MM recommended by abuly

    I will have a RV02 case with airflow like this (from top to bottom not side to side.)
    3 fans intake on bottom -> Sharkoon SE 120MM -> Heatsink -> Apevia 120mm -> 120mm top exhaust fan.
    does it look good?
  11. I wouldn't go with a positive pressure case.Having more exhausts will give off better temps.For a fan I would get the akasa apache if available or scythe slipstreams.
  12. you need a pwm splitter to connect the two pwm fans on the hyper 212+... the ideal splitter would be this ... remember mobo fan headers are ideal for one fan each so connecting multiple fans off one header will be adverse...

    i understand you are asking about the other 4 pin fan header in the mobo... its for case fans and not for cpu cooler... the speed adjust feature of the mobo (gigabyte calls it CPU SMART fan control) will work for the cpu fan header and not the case fan header... so its better to split the pwm signal of the cpu fan header to the two cpu cooler fans...

    The case will have positive pressure... its OK as long as the room is air conditioned to avoid dust accumulation... i also noticed the RV02 has a vent at the back... if its possible to mount a fan there then do it... that'll even things out...
  13. the psu you mounts sideways in the upper back corner and thats its intake vent in the back for the psu.

    okay that cables confusing when reading the specs, according to the specs it won't work for the fans I have picked because it only has 1 4 pin pwm connected and 1 3 pin pwm connector, but both the fans I have picked use 4 pin
    Is that correct or am i confused?

    and I won't need to connect the 4 pin molex to the psu right? it should be drawing power from the mobo.
  14. Best answer
    If you pick 2 pwm fans for the cooler, you need to connect the pwm leads of the fans to the cpu fan header in the mobo... to make it very simple let me break it out for you...

    4 Pin Function Wire by Color (It could vary depending on manufacturer)
    1. GND Black
    2. 12 V Yellow
    3. Sense Green
    4. Control Blue

    To make the fans run in full speed as stated by its manufacturer all you need is 1. GND Black and 2. 12V Yellow... The 3. Sense Green is what sends the rpm speed signal to the mobo which you can see in bios as well as various hardware softwares like speedfan, blackbox etc... The 4. Control Blue is what sends the pulse width signal to control the speed of the fan...

    Now the splitter i recommended draws the power from the PSU (all the 1. GND Black and 2. 12 V Yellow wires are connected to a PSU 12v cable), the four pin mobo header has one 3. Sense Green wire which is connected to one of the cpu cooler fans (not to all fans otherwise the mobo will be confused by receiving different rpm signals) and also three 4. Control Blue wires each connected to the fans whose speed you want to control...

    So you connect one cpu fan (push fan) to the cable labeled cpu fan... another cpu fan (pull fan) to the cable labeled case fan... you can also connect another case fan if needed to the other extra case fan cable... then plug one PSU power cable to the "connect to psu" cable and then the "connect to motherboard" cable to the cpu fan header in the mobo...

    The mobo receives the rpm of one fan (the push fan of the cooler through the 3. Sense Green) and depending on the temperature it send out PWM signal (through the 4. Control Blue) to all the fans... you are safe by not overloading the mobo fan header with multiple fans...
  15. Fantastic. I gotya, if it was sensing from all the fans the mobo would be overwhelmed and its not able to send different currents to different fans. So it senses from 1 fan then adjust all 3.

    thanks very much for the detailed explanation and time to help me out!

    One last question and you can give me a yes or no answer and I'll leave you alone promise haha.
    so I can plug the 4 pin connector from the fan into the 3 pin "case fan" cable? I realize you said it only needs 3 to work, but I don't want to break something trying to plug it in.
  16. which 3 pin "case fan" cable??? in the splitter??? the splitter has all 4 pin header cables... (it may have three wires each but are essentially 4 pin headers)

    you can connect a 4 pin fan connector to a 3 pin connector in the mobo but loose PWM control... but you control it by using speedfan software...
  17. okay, this is the part I was talking about tho, even in the pic it shows 4 pins though.
    Specifications: "3 pin PWM x 2 (Connect to Case Fan)"

    I think its just typed wrong, cuz it even says the PSU connection is 4 pin, and in the pic you linked it is CLEARLY 2 pin.
  18. ok now just to clear this... in the splitter all the fan pins are 4 pin headers... the "cpu fan" pin is with all four wires and the other two are with three wires... you can connect 3 pin fans also but loose PWM control... the psu pin is a 4 pin molex but with two wires only... the mobo pin is also a four pin header with only two slot filled (one with 1 green and another with 3 blue)...
  19. I have the fax the OP suggested the work fine....but push pull is overated
  20. Best answer selected by vindictive.
  21. Thanks for the BA and all the best for your rig...
  22. No prob.
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