Liquid Cooling Rad Configuration

Hello all,

I'll be putting together a new gaming PC next year.

Athlon II x2 250 (temporary)
MSI 785G motherboard (temporary)
Radeon HD 6850
NZXT Gamma
4GB Ripjaws
Fatal1ty 550W PSU

I'll be upgrading to Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge once they come out, and that is what this liquid cooling is intended for. I might also cool the 6850 with it as well. Might even go CFX.

I'd prefer to have everything internal. If I get a 120.2, it'll have to be externally mounted on the Gamma. I'm pretty sure I could get away with two internal 120mm rads (one side/top mount, one rear mount). So, if money is not a concern, would I see a difference in temps between these configurations?

Res > Pump > dual rad > CPU > Res
Res > Pump > single rad > CPU > single rad > Res
Res > Pump > single rad > single rad > CPU > Res
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  1. ortoklaz said:

    A thread about a flowsensor, I don't get it.

    Ah, OK see the edit
  2. sorry ;) i just you got a quick draw
  3. You are going to need at least a 220 rad for the CPU...and if you add the GPU in, you'll need a 220 rad for it as well.

    You have the order fine, res > pump is really the biggest thing, as this helps you fill and prime the loop to prevent the pump running dry (big no-no). The rest of the components can go however you see fit.

    What watercooling hardware are you planning on using? List of components?
  4. with minor moding you could fit 2xTA120.2 or 2x RX240 +GT fans for very quite set up which should be planty for OC'd CPU and GPU
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    You are going to need at least a 220 rad for the CPU...and if you add the GPU in, you'll need a 220 rad for it as well.

    What watercooling hardware are you planning on using? List of components?

    Don't have anything final yet. I'm just exploring my options right now. I do like the XSPC dual bay res + pump combo. It'd be nice to get more reviews for it though. Like I said, I'm going for an internal setup, so the res+pump combo looks really good.

    I'm leaning towards the Black Ice stealth rads.

    Cooling the 6850 is secondary. That thing runs extremely cool even after a couple hours of gaming. I could just as easily replace the stock cooler with an aftermarket zalman to reduce the noise. The XFX fan is loud, even with the BIOS flash.

    I'm thinking 3/8 tubing, unless anyone has arguments towards 1/2 or 1/4.

    I won't be overclocking much. AFAIK, Sandy Bridge will have OCing disabled unless you have the unlocked K proccy. I was hoping with stock CPU and mostly stock GPU, I could get away with a 220 or two 120s. I might be able to fit three 120s. Would three 120 rads get the job done?
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    Your URL tags are broke. (Edit: fixed now, thanks.)

    You'd rather get a dual-pass rad over a x-flow design...better cooling.

    You might want to check out for radiator and fan comparisons. These are all triple rads, but should scale similarly for the 220 series of each.

    3x 120mm's for...CPU only or CPU + GPU? If you had some high-end 120mm's with some great fans, you could squeeze a CPU+GPU loop out with 3x 120mm rads, I suppose. I wouldn't really push much overclocking, but you already said you weren't.
  7. Thanks Rubix.

    Yea, it'd be three 120s for CPU + GPU loop.

    I'm really just exploring my options at this point. Initially, I was just going to replace the 6850 stock cooler with a quieter HSF, and go with an H50 or H70 for the CPU.

    A friend of mine had a custom built PC with a 220-cooled 4GHz W3520. Those chips run notoriously hotter (yet more stably) than their i7-920 and 930 counterparts, yet he says he has never gone above 65C running Prime95. I was hoping to pull off something similar with a Sandy Bridge platform. Not to mention I'd probably just start out with a mid-range non-OC i5-2500.

    And my 6850 has a rear exhaust blower type cooler. His GTX 260 SLI setup just blows hot air into the case.
  8. If you have great case airflow, its fine.

    I run my SLI GTX260's and CPU in my loop with dual MCR320's and a MCP655. I made dual reservoirs.
  9. Thanks to everyone. I'll keep all this in mind.
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