Wake On LAN not working?

I have an Asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard running Windows Vista Business x64. I would like to enable Wake On LAN functionality for this computer.

When the computer is powered off I still have link lights on the NIC so I know the MB has power. I have not seen any WOL settings in the BIOS. From within the Windows networking properties I have set "Wake From Shutdown" to "ON" and I have set "Wake Up Capabilities" to "Magic Packet". I am using AMD's magic packet utility to send the packet. I can verify using Wireshark from multiple machines on my network, including the one that I am trying to wake, that the packet is being sent and it is making it's way to the intended target computer. Unfortunately, when the target computer is powered down, it seems to completely ignore the packet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. Have you updated the motherboard to the latest BIOS? Are you sure the motherboard supports WoL? Is the system powered down no further than ACPI G2, and does it work from standby?
  2. I finally found the problem. There is no specific WOL setting in the BIOS, but there is a setting to allow devices on the PCI and PCIe buses to wake the computer. I enabled this and now it's working perfectly.
  3. If NIC drivers upgrade, BIOS upgrade are not helping and you are on windows 7, then probably enabling PME is the solution. See http://techibee.com/windows-7/wake-on-lan-is-not-working-in-windows-7-found-the-solution/980 for more details.
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