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Hey guys, the problem starts whenever I power up the computer. The fan connected to the cpu fan connector on the board doesn't actually spin. I either have to manually move it or it will show on post that there is a cpu fan error in which after resuming the fan will spin. My question is where do you think the problem is? Haven't actually tried any other fan on the connector yet. Just wanted to get opinions I guess. If it is fan related then could anyone suggest a high static pressure fan as from what I have read on reviews they seem more effective. Thanks in advance guys.

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  1. where have you connected the fan's power to??? i understand frio comes with a 3 pin mobo connector and should be inserted into the cpu_fan slot of your mobo... if this is the case and the fan is not spinning, then there is no proper volts coming out of the header... check in bios setting whether cpu smart fan (depending on your mobo the terminology changes) is enabled... also try inserting the 3 pin header into any one of the chasis_fan or case_fan headers in the mobo and see if that works... since its not PWM (4 pin) i dont see any problem with this...
  2. I vote checking the header with another fan,
    another recent poster had a similar issue and checking the fan itself saved him from Rma'ing the Board,
  3. Just checked and it worked but then the normal 2500rpm fan became a 660rpm fan. I went to bios and disabled and reenabled the mobos control on board it was at around 1200rpm (checked using bios monitor). When I quit and saved bios it entered full 2500rpm mode. First time this happened? Could it be the board? I've had it for about 5 months already, or could it be the psu? the fans worked perfectly on other headers though. But currently i have the push fan on a fan controller. Thanks for the reply guys.
  4. You have speedstep or cool and quiet enbled?
    That lets the mobo decide how fast the fan spins and is nothing to worry about, if you want the cpu fan on 100% all the time get speedfan or a similar utility to alter that to your liking
    what cooler do you have in there btw?
  5. actually have cool'n quiet disabled since I oc'ed my rig. I just use the fan controller on the stock fan of the frio. My cooler is the thermaltake frio in a push pull config with the stock fans. Was doing fine until i started receiving the cpu fan error due to the fan connected to the cpu fan slot wasn't spinning right off the bat.
  6. Might be that your second fan is mismatched speed-wise and has monged out the cpu-controlled one,
    see if you can get another fan on the mobo header, see how that one functions,or not
  7. actually previously the one that was connected was the push fan. When I opened up the comp for the first time it wouldn't budge unless I either manually spin it or wait until I get the cpu fan error on post then it starts spinning. So what I did was put the pull fan on the cpu fan slot so even if it didnt spin right away, the push fan would then cause it to spin thus me never getting the cpu fan error on post. The thing I don't understand is why it started doing that in the first place. When I placed the push fan on the chassis 1 slot it spun at full rpm. When I put it back at the cpu fan slot it didnt spin. Mobo prob?
  8. Hmm, looking like, you may have made things worse with your original solution, I would have looked into things more when I had the original issue lol,
    is the board old? or is rma an option?
  9. actually I tried both of the stock fans of the frio on either chassis 1/2 spot with the other in the cpu fan slot and it just does that. I've had the board for about 8 months. Live in Japan by the way so no idea about rma but I don't think its an option. Is it?
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    Not sure on your trading laws I'm afraid,

    but in the uk we have a manufacturers warranty which is a year from purchase, contact either the place you bought it from or the manufacturers themselves to see about what (if any) liability they have to you, if its like the uk laws you should be able to get some joy from one of them,
  11. Thanks a lot Moto. Hopefully I make it through. Luckily its winter. Thanks again bro.
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  13. Thank you for B.a., I hope you can get sorted ok :)
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