Chipset Overheating, CPU Fried?

Hi there,

I'm having problems powering up my build.

I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ cpu, an Asus M2N-SLI motherboard and an inno3d nvidia 8500GT graphics card with 4GB DDRII memory. The PSU is 580W.

My problem is with the motherboard, primarily, at least I think its the issue. Although I've been told it could be the processor. I boot the pc up, and this motherboard usually has a 5 second delay and then boots the PCI-E graphics card and I'm onto the BIOS, OS etc. But nothing happens, the computer just turns on. And thats it.

The worst of it is, the Asus silver chipset at the bottom of the board begins to heat up, tremendously and continues to do so.

Also, the processor heatsink fan doesn't work on the 4 pin socket at the top of the board, it only powers up on a 3 pin socket next to the silver chipset.

I've removed all the parts, leaving just the processor, heatsink and power supply. The chipset still heats up the way it does, like a radiator.

Any idea's?

I don't know if its the motherboard, or cpu, or even both. I read that if there is no memory and there is no beeps in the result of that, then the cpu is probably dead. I don't get any beeps, so..
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  1. ur cpu is dead am sure about it ;)
  2. a member from another forum thinks differently. If you remove the cpu, the motherboard should notify with beeps to establish it is not present. If it doesnt, then the mobo is nackered.

    I initially thought it was the cpu but now i've been proved otherwise
  3. well as i know MB well never Beep if the CPU is fried + changing ur CPU might get over all this P.S if either of ur N.B or S.B chipset is overheating that confirm what am saying man cz am using the RAMPAGE II EXTREME the N.B Temps on idle 34C, S.B Temps on idle 36C once i start paly games it goes for N.B 36C, S.B 37C cz the CPU will be on 37c to 38c @ Max this means if ur cpu said goodbye then this is normal the chipset will be overheated anyway t.c man hope i did help u up ;).
  4. i changed the cpu to a lower model in which I had as spares, and the same thing happened. I'm going to buy a new MB and cpu and system altogether, a fresh new start. I appreciate your detailed feedback, its shed new light onto how i approach the situation. After all, i dont know everything, nobody does so its a case of learning new things. I'll get my new system up and running and let you know all about it, see if it happens again, if it does, we'll have ourselves some troubleshooting mania. :sol:
  5. The same thing happened to me in my previous laptop (with the same CPU). We thought that the cpu got fried since the core temperatures would sometimes reach over 110C. Hope that everything works out for you, and make sure you keep an eye on your core temps. If you don't have software to do that for you, I recommend SpeedFan, although I know there are others that people enjoy thoroughly as well.
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