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im trying to overclock my core 2 duo e7200(2.53GHz) to 3.0GHz
i did overclocked it a little i am currently @ 2.77GHz right now, but once i reach 3.0 my computer boots up like normal gets to the desktop, and after a while it crashes!
i have an AMI bios with a msi p7n SLI PLATINUM motherboard.

i only adjusted the FSB clock and the voltage too and also i disabled intel EIST
am i accidentally overclocking the RAM which limits my overclock? if yes, how do i prevent it from overclocking?
or am i doing it wrong? can anyone tell me how to overclock with this these settings on the bios?

my cooling:

rocketfish universal cpu cooler rf-upcuwr
right now my pc is ~ 40c

my RAM:

2 sticks from micron technology @ 333MHz each
2 sticks from corsair @ 400 MHz each

550 watt ULTRA power supply
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  1. Your mixing ram, so both sets will be running at the lower speed (assuming the mix doesn't cause any other compatability issues)

    Is there anything in that [Advanced DRAM configuration] menu that lets you override an auto setting for the speed?
    possibly changing the system clock mode to unlinked will help, but you will then have to configure your settings manually.
    I'm not too good with manually overclocking so maybe this is more of a bump than help hehe :)
  2. thank you for your reply,

    yes, there is a "manual" setting i can set in the RAM!

    and does anybody knows how to overclock manually?
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    Oc manually, well by increasing fsb in bios, didnt you just do that ?
    As for the cpu, you may try increasing the v core and ram voltage but only by a little-
    And also as moto suggested for ram config.
  4. what about the RAM? do i set it to manual or auto? (in advanced DRAM configuration settings)
  5. Put to manual -
    Unlinked if not, what options are there ?
  6. all options you see there in the pic are available, lol
  7. ok, i think what you said, worked, im going to run some benchmarks! thank you! :D
  8. Np- Enjoy
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  10. :) Enjoy-
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