Suggest a good memory for my motherboard

I am having Intel DG31PR motherboard...currently i m having 1x2GB Transcend PC-6400 DDR2 memory....i want to add 2 GB more....should i go with Corsair, or buy another Transcend one....

My mobo supports 1.8v memory and Corsair modules are 2.1 mostly so will it be able to handle this memory....
Pls help...
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  1. i'd go ahead and buy the same memory. i personally wouldn't have two different memory voltages running. same speed and same voltage is okay.
  2. i want to ask will i be able to run 2.1v Corsair memory on my motherboard? will i get better performance from corsair than Kingston or Transcend....i will then get same memory...if the performance difference is there
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    if your mobo only supprts 1.8v, get the 1.8v. you might have stability issues if the ram is undervolted. i wouldn't recommend it . just get something that is 1.8v. or same as your transcend memory.
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